Time Scanners Video Released

An episode of the BBC National Geographic Time Scanners series is now available on You Tube. Quite a plug for our industry. Enjoy.

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2 Responses to Time Scanners Video Released

  1. Arik Degani says:

    The Jerusalem Episode…. Indeed, it was very impresive but not realy true.
    First time these sites are being scanned and analyzed? Ho no, we scanned them dozens of times, in & out during the past 12 years, all of them. Professional structural analysis was executed many times by engineers specializing in archeological structures. We scanned the walls of old Jerusalem before and after earthquake (2004) including geometrical analysis followed by structural evaluation. National Geographic are expected to be more accurate, more reliable in what they tell us isn’t it? Which makes me wonder what is inside the frightening tiger we see in their movies from Africa, who is the biologist wearing the line’s disguise and run in the jungle….?
    Yet very nice and impressive movie if facts are not of our concern…..
    Well. they have to sell aren’ they?

  2. So glad my friend Arik posted about this. I have seen his scan data, drawings, and analysis from some of these very same sites in Jerusalem. “First time?” they say? Purely for dramatic effect. Bigger question – how could they make this without you Arik?

    But no question as Gene notes this is quite a plug for our industry. I personally am thrilled to see 3D scanning get this level of attention.

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