The “S” Word – Standards

I did a search on this blog using the  key word “standards”. There were over 80 references, most of which are related to the ASTM E57 3D Imaging committee that I belong to. There is going to be a session at SPAR on Thursday morning April 17 explaining what the committee does and attempting to attract new members. I hope you will consider attending and joining if you are at SPAR.

Back in 2006 we had over 100 people attend the early E57 meetings, twice a year. We have not been able to get enough people to commit in the last couple years to even schedule a meeting.

As we all know the economy has been difficult over the past few years. Travel is expensive and there just does not seem to be a believe in the need for investing in developing standards, especially on the part of the leading vendors. This is a very short sighted and damaging position.

Until the major vendors, who are the employers of the people who need to be driving the committee work make industry standards a priority the laser scanning industry will not achieve its full potential. It’s that simple. The economy is improving. It’s time to step up.


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