The Future of Lidar Data Acquisition

lidar jpegThis is an excellent presentation on the future of lidar data acquisition and processing by Dr. Qassim Abdullah who works for Woolpert, Inc. He discusses all of the major topics including single photon counting and Geiger mode as well as full waveform and flash. Qassim also contrasts the benefits and limitations of each system. He also looks into the future to predict what the state of the art might be in five years.

This is an important reference for all topics related to airborne lidar data collection.

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3 Responses to The Future of Lidar Data Acquisition

  1. Ezra Philipse says:

    Article does have link to Qassim’s joining Woolpert but not his presentation. Possible to post PPT/PPS or URL?

  2. Dr Ayman Ragab Egypt says:

    I need any hints about the future of Lidar data

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