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XPONENTIAL Conference Preview

If you are planning on attending next week’s AUVSI XPONENTIAL conference in New Orleans then this Lidar News conference preview may be of some help in planning your time there. With over 600 exhibitors this is the BIG one for unmanned … Continue reading

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To add more excitement to AUVSI’s annual conference they came up with a pretty catchy name. XPONENTIAL 2016 is the BIG one with over 650 exhibitors featuring automated vehicles, robotics, drones and more. It starts May 2 and runs for … Continue reading

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ASTM UAS Inspection Standard

The ASTM task group on façade inspections introduced E3036, Guide for Notating Façade Conditions in the Field, and proposed WK52572, Guide for Visual Inspection of Building Facades Using Drones to better building façade inspections. E3036 provides standard notation, syntax, and … Continue reading

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FAA UAV Registration Starts Today

The FAA will open its mandatory UAS registration program today in a move that could likely transition a growing hobbyist community to mass-market commercial industry. Owners will be required to submit their names, home and email addresses to a national … Continue reading

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Laser Scanning, UAS and Cell Towers

Inspecting the connections of a cell phone tower is dangerous work. That’s why PRENAV uses 3D laser scanning to first build a model of the tower so that the UAV can be flown close enough to get the needed resolution. … Continue reading

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Searching for an Ancient Civilization

The UK-led project is trying to determine how big these communities were, and to what degree they altered the landscape. Continue reading

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UAS Proliferates in 2015

Called Maps Made Easy, the app immediately found an audience among land surveyors, but it’s aimed at hobbyists too. Continue reading

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