SPAR 2012 – MDL, Bentley Systems and More

Where to begin? In addition to exceeding all previous records SPAR 2012 I think it is fair to say exceeded most expectations. The keynotes were very well attended and informative with experts discussing the ability of laser scanning to better understand fossils, how 3D printing is going to change the way we live and why the cloud is the future platform for 3D data management.The show floor was busy all day and the Point Cloud All Star band lived up to the hype, although it was a challenge to communicate on the floor.

On the technology front, the fire hose was full on, but the 2 vendors that I would like to mention are MDL – with their new Dynascan HD100 mobile scanner that includes the Focus 3D, a new shallow water survey vessel that includes LIDAR and sonar and a tiny Micro Laser Module (MLM) that is powered via a USB connector. So far they get my vote for the best kept secret at the show.

I also received a detailed briefing from the folks at Bentley on the just released Descartes with point cloud support. Descartes has always been Bentley’s raster image data software. Incorporating 3D point clouds into this package makes a lot of sense to me and provides Microstation users with what could be the most powerful integrated CAD, imagery and point cloud engine software environment the market. Add in the ability of Project Wise to manage the data and you have an enterprise-scale solution.

I hope to have more time tomorrow to actually attend some sessions.

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