Smart Speed Bumps

Add this to the list of everyday consumer lidar applications that may be just around the corner. It’s a smart speed bump developed by Nokian, a Finnish tire manufacturer that includes a laser scanner which measures your tire tread depth and reports it to you via a text message.

Here’s how it works:

“Currently one of Nokian’s speed bump-style SnapSkan units has been fitted at an undercar car park in Helsinki. Others are set to follow in similarly high traffic areas. As drivers (not just Nokian customers) pass over them, the SnapSkan units automatically measure tire tread, while a camera will record the car license plate. If the driver then requests information via a free text message, Nokian sends out a report — plus a quote for new tires from a nearby dealership if required.”

I can see these being placed at toll booths to improve vehicle safety.

Can you think of a consumer app where laser scanning can be utilized? It is going to be as big as GPS.

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