Scanner Calibration Follow Up

I wanted to be sure that everyone was aware of this. A couple of people have pointed out in response to last week’s blog that the Leica HDS P20 scanner has what they call a “Check and Adjust” feature. This can be used in the field to ensure an optimally performing scanner.

If anyone has experience with this feature could you please let us know what you think? Thanks.

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2 Responses to Scanner Calibration Follow Up

  1. Federico says:

    This function are the same tu Check&Adjust on the Leica Total Station.
    Onboard routine for in-the-field check&adjust of
    – Angular parameters
    – Range parameters
    – Tilt compensator
    and show summary of all current parameters

  2. Fred Bermudez says:

    I believe Federico is correct. My understanding is that it will compensate/or correct for those paramaters upto an established limit before needing to be sent in to be calibrated.

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