Real Time Airborne Flash LiDAR

Bill Emison from Merrick provided this heads up on a very exciting MAPPS/ASPRS Tampa 2012 pre-conference workshop being offered by Roy Nelson from Ball Aerospace entitled, “Real Time Airborne Flash LIDAR”. The excitement here is around automated feature extraction. Add in real time processing and the disruptive forces expand rapidly.

Merrick has been working with Roy on this and Bill says the results have been “incredible”. I have been on record for a couple of years stating that flash would be the next “hot” 3D technology. This sounds like a not miss session for us early adopters.

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  1. It’s great to see the interest in 3D Flash LIDAR from industry. Advanced Scientific Concepts, Inc. (ASC) has been working with Ball Aerospace by providing its 3D Flash LIDAR engines for inclusion in their Total Sight ™ package. They have done a phenomenal job at creating a real-time 2D + 3D + geo-referenced streaming solution, using the ASC 3D Flash LIDAR cameras as the 3D sensor engine. You (Gene) were an early believer in this the validity of 3D Flash LIDAR. Kudos.

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