Practical Application of Mobile LiDAR Guidelines

Chris Siebern from Optech has an article in this month’s LiDAR News Magazine
entitled, “Promoting Standards Through Use Cases.” Ted Knaak, founder of Certainty 3D, with input from Chris and others has taken things to the next level by providing possible language that an agency could use to prepare a RFP for mobile LiDAR data collection and processing services.

Ted has posted TechNote #1021 entitled, “Establishing Requirements, Extracting Metrics and Evaluating Quality of LiDAR Data” on his website as part of C3D University. In this document Ted stresses the practical application of the recently published TRB Mobile LiDAR Guidelines to real world experiences and workflows. It’s a must read if you are in the mobile LiDAR business.

Both of these documents areĀ  particularly encouraging to me as it seems like the TRB Mobile LiDAR Guidelines are beginning to gain traction. Thanks to both Ted and Chris for their work in this area.

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