“Close Enough” Webinar is Next Week

In the good old days the most important practical surveying lesson you could learn was how to know when things were “close enough.” That was the party chief’s job which I was thinking about this week at the recently concluded FARO 3D conference.

Times have certainly changed. Now the field work can be accomplished with a scanner and as Jonathon Coco explained “someone who’s main talent is to not drop the scanner.” Knowing if things are close enough is now determined in the office and it requires a lot of training to make that call.

If you want to hear from a creative, pushing the envelope 3D guru then be sure to sign up for next week’s “Close Enough – Providing Clients with What They Want” webinar where Jonathan and I will discuss a number of case studies that focus on innovative approaches to meeting client’s needs. The webinar, sponsored by FARO  is Thursday, October 23 at 1 PM EDT. You can register here.

Please help is to pass the word.

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What is Reality Computing?

One of the keynotes today at FARO 3D was by Aaron Morris from Autodesk on reality computing. I have a fuzzy idea of what he is talking about, but as I told him I really don’t get it. I want them to answer the question, “What is reality computing and more importantly why should I care?”

One place where we  will hopefully be able to get the answer to that question is at their just announced conference REAL 2015. Stay tuned for more on this new conference entry.

The other keynote speeches  at FARO 3D today provided basic overviews on historic preservation, forensics and the making of films/commercials. The afternoon breakout sessions were much more interesting including a session on marine applications, building documentation and large building construction projects.

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FARO 3D Opening Keynotes

Jay Freeland, President and CEO of FARO Technologies opened the 2014 3D Conference with an overview of some 12 markets where FARO is a key player. Although he did not have any new products to  announce he noted that they are working on five BIG picture concept areas:

  1. Greater mobility
  2. More portability
  3. Greater ease of use
  4. Total cost of ownership
  5. Personalization in the form of applications

In case you missed it earlier this year FARO did acquire The CAD Zone. For more than 20 years, Crash Zone and Crime Zone have provided investigators with the easiest, most comprehensive tools for creating courtroom-ready diagrams and animations.




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FARO 3D Documentation Conference 2014

I am off to the FARO 3D Documentation Conference in sunny Orlando, Florida. This was a very focused educational event that was also a great opportunity to network and have some fun as well. It runs through the 15th.

The tracks include accident reconstruction, AEC, energy, historic preservation and ship building as well as keynotes and new product news. I hope to see you there. Stay tuned for the latest news.





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Semiautonomous Vehicles – What is Reality?

This is a very well written article on the automotive technology that is likely to become available over the next five years. Thanks to Bill Gutelius at Active Imaging Systems for the lead.

“This is the year we’ll look back on as the turning point,” said Scott Belcher, president of the nonprofit Intelligent Transportation Society of America, who has helped organize a global connected car expo for seven years. “We’re at the cusp now of this completely new generation of transportation, and it’s going to change things on a scale not seen since Eisenhower and the Interstate Highway System.”

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IED Robot Gets New Lidar

TALON-plus-VLP16The Talon is a robot used by the military to search for improvised explosive devices or IEDs. In a recent press release the developer announced that they had upgraded their system to make use of the recently announced Lidar Puck from Velodyne.

Velodyne’s VLP-16 LiDAR Puck is a perfect match for the TALON platform,” said Daniel Deguire, Director of Unmanned Systems for QinetiQ North America. “Its field of view, light weight, low power consumption and low cost promise to bring a host of new opportunities to deploy autonomous TALON robots, easing the burden on our soldiers and first responders.”

Looks like “Velodyne’s VLP-16 LiDAR Puck is a perfect match for the TALON platform,” said Daniel Deguire, Director of Unmanned Systems for QinetiQ North America. “Its field of view, light weight, low power consumption and low cost promise to bring a host of new opportunities to deploy autonomous TALON robots, easing the burden on our soldiers and first responders.”

Looks like Velodyne may have hit a sweet spot with this new product.

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Free Guide to UAS and Remote Sensing

Aerial Services, Inc. – ASI has just announced the availability of an e-book entitled, “The Definitive Guide to Unmanned Aerial Systems & Remote-Sensing.”

This certainly looks like an excellent reference on this important topic. Kudos to Mike and his team for making this available at no charge.

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Facsimile Quality Preservation

One of the most impressive presentations at yesterday’s CyArk Challenge was from Carlos Bayad who works for Factum Arte. It is difficult to describe the level of detail that this firm achieves in producing duplicates of extremely large works of art, but perhaps their ability to scan 10,000 points per square centimeter will provide some insight.

Based in Madrid and Bologna Factum Arte is dedicated to digital mediation, transformation and the production of works that redefine the relationship between two and three dimensions. They are easily the most sophisticated group in this field.

This is not meant to take away from the other firms in this field, but if you have a digital preservation project that requires the highest attention to detail and control be sure to speak with them.


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CyArk Announces New Initiatives

At the opening of the CyArk 500 Annual Summit they announce three new initiatives. The first is with the Microsoft Internet Explorer team. This has resulted in a new website for CyArk that is much more interactive and immersive. Be sure to check it out.

The second announcement involves Nokia and its fleet of Here mobile lidar data collection vehicles. The idea is to collect entire regions of historic cities, not just a single building or site. Its a novel idea and it will certainly broaden the scope of what CyArk offers.

The third program is a five year commitment for funding and in kind services from Iron Mountain, the records and information management company.

I had a quick chat with Ben Kacyra about the need to store their data using ASTM E57 rather than the current ASCII format. Hopefully we can make that happen soon.

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Riegl Announces Ricopter

RIEGL_RiCOPTER_UnmannedAerialSystem_equipped_withVUX-1LidarSensorOne of the interesting announcements from INTERGEO this week came from Riegl. They are the first scanner manufacturer to offer a UAV. The Ricopter seen here with the RIEGL VUX-1 is being offered as a turnkey system.

This is a smart and probably necessary move given the cost of the VUX-1 there has been concerns about risking its use with a 3rd party UAS. Riegl now has a whole product strategy.

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