Multisensor Metrology Coming of Age

The metrology world has developed a number of sensors that they can choose from for their applications, each with its strengths and weaknesses. Although the term multisensor is still not clearly defined Bill Fetter in this Quality Magazine article provides an excellent overview of the topic.

He states that, “The reality of multisensor metrology today is best described as hardware and software capability and inspection technique, and not a specific type of metrology platform. In fact, various types of convergence means multisensor technology has made different types of metrology platforms more similar—and more capable—than ever”.

In some ways I think the metrology world is ahead of 3D laser scanning – their workflows are more integrated, which makes me wonder if there are some lessons, perhaps some important lessons to be learned.

There are very few companies that can successfully operate in both the metrology and  long range 3D laser scanning areas of practice. Direct Dimensions comes to mind. Perhaps that is why they are one of the innovation leaders.

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