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Multi-scale Lidar Design Strategy

LiDAR-2-1024x564This white paper brings up the issue of how to manage lidar data obtained at different scales and from different platforms including ground, airborne and satellite. It focuses on AmeriFlux sites which are environmental monitoring locations. Heterogeneity in vegetation and ground properties at various spatial scales is omnipresent at flux sites, and 3D mapping of canopy, understory, and ground surface can help move the science forward.

AmeriFlux is a network of PI-managed sites measuring ecosystem CO2, water, and energy fluxes in North and South America. It was established to connect research on field sites representing major climate and ecological biomes, including tundra, grasslands, savanna, crops, and conifer, deciduous, and tropical forests. As a grassroots, investigator-driven network, the AmeriFlux community has tailored instrumentation to suit each unique ecosystem. This “coalition of the willing” is diverse in its interests, use of technologies and collaborative approaches. As a result, the AmeriFlux Network continually pioneers new ground.

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