Mobile 3D Augmented Reality Solutions

I received a notice from a VC firm about an investment they made in a key player in the augmented reality – AR space. AVentures Capital and Augmented Pixels didn’t disclose the financial details of the Series A deal to the public. However, AVentures fund typically invests from $300,000 to $3 million into one deal and the size of the deal is in this range.

Augmented Pixels with an R&D center in the Ukraine – home to some of the best math minds in the world has a goal of owning 10% of the high potential AR market. My question is, “What is holding this market back?” From the press release it sounds like the explosion in this market is going to occur in the next couple of years. I am not convinced although personally I think the use cases are very compelling.

One development that they are counting on leveraging is Google Glasses. With 2 patents for a wearable GPS-based personal navigation device that relied on the development of the microdisplay industry I can tell you that it is a very tricky business. The consumer and women in particular do not like wearing glasses.

Perhaps the world is a different place now. What do you think?


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2 Responses to Mobile 3D Augmented Reality Solutions

  1. Ralph Rio says:

    Agree with the concern about wearing glasses. A couple of years ago, we thought 3D TV was going to be huge. But, glasses got in the way.

  2. Ken Smerz says:

    Pioneers get slaughtered…settlers prosper. I hope the VC has patience. It will happen, but I think it’s further down the road.

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