Long Range, High Resolution Scanner

Thanks to Tad Fry for the heads up on this high potential research into a new time of flight scanner design that uses a longer wavelength laser that is capable of millimeter accuracy at up to a kilometer range. This sounds really impressive.

Photo Caption: 3-D images of two of the Optics Express authors, taken in daylight from 910m away. Each standard photograph shows a close-up view of what the scanner sees. The middle left panels show 3-D images with slightly more depth detail that the right-hand panels; this is because the detector spent more time collecting the returning photons for the images on the left than on the right. Credit: Optics Express.

Led by Professor Gerald Buller from the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, the Heriot-Watt team has developed a new system that captures laser pulses from ‘uncooperative’ objects that do not easily reflect laser pulses, such as fabric, making it useful in a wide variety of field situations.

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