LiDAR’s Diversity

On a slow news day¬† I thought I would take this opportunity to reflect on what I think is the incredible diversity of applications where LiDAR is disrupting the status quo. From the well established “scan to BIM”, to the use of LiDAR to better understand wildlife habitat, to the use of mobile LiDAR to help city inspectors identify code violations to 3D agriculture LiDAR is changing the core workflows of any industry where measurement of the real world creates value.

And it’s not just for the immediate need, but in one article I recently reviewed for an upcoming LiDAR News magazine issue the use of LiDAR to improve the reliability of Angola’s electrical power transmission lines was cited as critical to the future of the country. The impact of LiDAR is being seen worldwide. Perhaps it will have even more impact in developing countries as they jump from pencil and paper to 3D.

I have compared LiDAR to GPS many times, but I am now convinced that the impact of LiDAR will be much greater than GPS. This is sea change. If you are not involved with this technology you are taking a big risk.

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