Lidar Not Needed for Autonomous Vehicle

Aimotive is a Hungarian startup that claims they can support driverless vehicles using only four regular cameras and artificial intelligence. They have four major software engines – recognition, control, location and motion.

“aiDrive enables truly global L5 self-driving functionality in all weather and driving conditions. Using neural networks, the aiDrive makes decisions that provide unparalleled safety and comfort through a deep visual understanding of its environment,” says the company web-site.

“Using camera images as a primary input the Recognition Engine combines and processes sensor data using our pixel-precise, convolutional neural network (CNN) based segmentation and distance estimation models. The engine is able to recognise more than 100 different object classes including passenger cars, pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, animals and drivable road surface and estimate their distances even from a single camera’s view. Our expertise in neural network design, parallel GPU programming, and deep learning enables the Recognition Engine to run complex classification algorithms in real-time.”

Hmm, interesting.

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