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There is a new kid on the block. David Christian informs me that he has created the LiDAR Forum.

David will be supplying a more detailed discussion of his intent and motivation for an upcoming LiDAR News eNewsletter, but for now he says, “I am a forestry professional living in British Columbia, Canada. Lidar has become a topic for discussion.  I have taken it upon myself to develop a Lidar community forum for industry members to share ideas and easily have their questions answered.”

Perhaps we can all take a minute to visit the site and thank David for putting in the work to develop this. Congratulations David.

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6 Responses to LiDAR Forum

  1. Kevin Dixon says:

    With more than 6000 contributors worldwide, the Laser Scanning Forum has long been the place to go for questions and information.

    • lidar Forum says:

      Thanks for your query. Like many of the people on online forums i am looking to further extend my knowledge of Lidar. I understand there are other communities out there, but i wanted to build my own, as i see it is a better way to capture knowledge from others. Please feel free to visit us. Thanks.

  2. It will be better if we can look up one source for all our queries on LIDAR.
    What are the various forums available, can we integrate them

  3. Seems like the new LiDAR forum plans did not pan out. David Christian just contacted me offering the domain as well as a few others like and for sale. Personally I feel that the makers of ELMF and ILMF shows are deserving of the domain …

  4. Seems like the guy’s intention had never been to “develop a Lidar community” but to create some high-follow LiDAR domain names to later sell to a big geospatial player like ESRI. See his recent tweet.

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