LiDAR for Kids

Credit: National Park Service

Here is a great article in Science News for Kids (what a great website and critically important) about the benefits of barrier islands and how LiDAR is used to manage them. Kudos to author Jennifer Weeks for putting together a very interesting and informative story.

We have to do more, a lot more to encourage our youth to pursue careers in math and science. The trends right now are going in the wrong direction, at least in the U.S. What if everyone reading this post made sure one young person was made aware of this article and website?

I will do that.

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2 Responses to LiDAR for Kids

  1. Tad Fry says:

    Gene, I will do this, too! My wife is a teacher – I will ensure her school has this info as well. Tad

    • lidar says:

      Thanks Tad. It may be a small gesture, but if our group can raise awareness and get even a couple of young students interested we have made a start.


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