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Lidar Data – Top Challenges

blog_painpoints_3_1LizardTech conducted an industry survey at the Esri User Conference in July and online in August. If you’re wondering how your industry peers are using, compressing, accessing and storing all types of raster data, refer to their blog over the next few months for an overview of the survey results.

Although manipulating and analyzing LiDAR data is getting easier as the tools improve, there are still a number of obstacles for users to deal with. The number one challenge is the cost of acquisition, selected by 22% of respondents. It is possible that high costs will become less of an issue as smaller, lighter scanners are operated on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), while the development of more powerful scanners makes collecting large areas in less time feasible, also bringing costs down. This would be single photon, or Geiger-mode.

Large file sizes takes second place, selected by 18% of respondents. Software and hardware improvements have helped but not completely eliminated this issue.
LiDAR data is complex and point clouds are less visually intuitive than aerial or satellite imagery, so a lack of expertise in the profession is cited as a challenge for 16% of our respondents. Another 27% don’t work with LiDAR at all.

See the blog post for more details and thanks to Jenny Parker and the folks at LizardTech for making this available.


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