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Lidar and IFSAR

ifsarThis is an interesting site dealing with the fusion of lidar and IFSAR data. It is hosted by the USGS, the Forest Service and others.

A major component of this project was the development of specialized remote sensing software systems that could efficiently process, analyze, and display the extremely large LIDAR and IFSAR datasets that were acquired over the study sites.  For instance, there are 40 million data points in the LIDAR dataset covering the 2 square mile Blue Ridge study site and approximately 10 times this amount of data covering the Mission Creek site.  Commercial remote sensing packages did not have the capacity to handle such large datasets.

Thanks to Brent Gelhar for the heads up.


  • As LiDAR pulse repetition rates (PRR) increase, the number of 3D point cloud data points in the field of view also increases and the management of the data sets to extract usable and actionable information becomes a significant challenge.

    At Neptec Technologies, we have designed our 3DRi (3D Real-time intelligence) software, that operates with our OPAL LiDAR scanners, to efficiently collect and compartmentalize the data so that only the information that is critical for the application is made available to the user. As well multiple users can obtain access to different information simultaneously as all the data is still present and available.

    Neptec Technologies’ strengths lie in helping our customers solve mission-critical issues with innovative products and technologies.

    Thanks for the opportunity to post on this subject.

  • This looks to about decade old technology, and the data set sizes are now relatively small. There are also lots of software options for dealing with them.

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