Google’s Project Tango

Well, this may be one of the most exciting project announcements and videos that you have seen in some time. It’s Google’s Project Tango and it is all about creating 3D maps with their new phone. The goal of Project Tango is to give mobile devices a human-scale understanding¬†of space and motion.

I am at a loss for words, so please help me describe the impact of this on our industry. Thanks to Joe Evans and Randy Noland for the heads up.

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5 Responses to Google’s Project Tango

  1. This is a very exciting news!! This will significantly facilitate real-time mobile augmented reality using LOD400/500 BIM for field reporting and facility management purposes.

  2. Matthew Daly says:

    As Mani said, this is going to really open up to door for increased augmented reality applications in the field. Doing this at ‘Google scale’ means 3D scanning is about to hit a serious stride in market maturity.

  3. Generating a game from a 3D view of my living room sounds like the most boring thing ever. I am sure there will be some wonderful applications of this technology, but find it humorous that this was touted as one of the “cool” examples.

  4. John Knowlton says:

    For those not wanting to wait around to purchase a Google system, Occipital Inc. has developed the Structure Sensor –, which attaches to an iPad device and will accomplish the same thing. The 3D sensor was developed by PrimeSense (think Kinect), now owned by Apple, so I’d expect to see more amazing offerings in the not too distant future.

  5. paul wilson says:

    Very interesting – the living room was a little ‘low level’ but the application of this technology for the blind is spectacular. Please lose the music from your video – it’s difficult to ascertain what some of the contributors are actually saying.

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