Google’s New Driverless Car Uses LiDAR

Just to reinforce the goal of this project, namely the development of autonomous vehicles this latest Google driverless car does not have a steering wheel or brakes. That certainly raises the stakes. Note the Velodyne LiDAR on the roof.

This will change the world. Thanks to my daughter for the tip.

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3 Responses to Google’s New Driverless Car Uses LiDAR

  1. Linda Harris says:

    This is such an awesome idea. I have problems with night vision, this would change my world.
    What is the maximum speed?
    Is it used for only inner city driving?
    what is the projected date or year that this would be available to the open public? My son is an engineer with the DOT Nashville, Tennessee.
    Chris sent me this article as part of
    his data collectioncollection hashelped
    My son works for the OT in Nashville

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