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Day 2 – SPAR 2015

The overall feel of this SPAR seems to be one of excitement. Everyone seems to be quite upbeat about prospects for business and the general adoption of 3D technology. I think you can say its a maturing of the market.

I interviewed Bryan Williams from Trimble and Chris Ahern from Dot Products on the deal that was announced yesterday that makes Trimble a worldwide reseller of the handheld scanning system. Both have high hopes for the benefits of this  to their companies and the construction industry. The product appears to be very easy to use – an idea which I think is the overall theme of the conference.

One of the most impressive product demos came from Z + F. Their new Laser Control Scout is aimed at automating the quality control and registration process by tightly integrating the scanner firmware with a touch tablet. I had a couple of industry veterans tell me how impressed they were with the potential productivity gains that they can see coming from having this feedback in the field. In general, Z + F is one of the best kept secrets in the industry.

Autodesk invited a group of the press to a dinner at the Houston Space Center – really amazing to see some of the actual NASA vehicles. They updated us on the improvements that they have been making with Recap to streamline the process of getting 3D data into their design workflows.

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