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Proposed FAA UAS Regs

The new rules will also limit flights to the pilot’s line of sight and altitude to 400-feet. Continue reading

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Two New UAS Lidar Systems Announced

The Scout uses the new Velodyne Puck and the Ranger is based on Riegl’s VUX-1. Continue reading

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Free Guide to UAS and Remote Sensing

This certainly looks like an excellent reference on this important topic. Continue reading

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Riegl Announces Ricopter

The Ricopter seen here with the RIEGL VUX-1 is being offered as a turnkey system. Continue reading

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3D Printing UAVs

When we discovered 3D printing, we were convinced at once. Continue reading

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ASPRS Establishes UAS Test Course

The course will be established at the Reno Stead airport, an FAA-designated UAS test site. Continue reading

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Laser Scan From Multirotor Platform

This may be one of the first scans from a from a multicopters drone. Continue reading

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I had a request recently for a UAS platform that could support gas detection, specifically methane from a pipeline while in flight Continue reading

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Colorado County Obtains COA to Fly UAS

This COA is an authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allowing the operation of an unmanned aircraft in a designated area and not for commercial use. Continue reading

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UAS and The World Cup

For all of us World Cup fanatics I found a link between UAS and the FIFA World Cup. The coach of the French team, Didier Deschamps who looked pretty sharp in their first game believes that one of his practice … Continue reading

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