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ASPRS Establishes UAS Test Course

The course will be established at the Reno Stead airport, an FAA-designated UAS test site. Continue reading

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Laser Scan From Multirotor Platform

This may be one of the first scans from a from a multicopters drone. Continue reading

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I had a request recently for a UAS platform that could support gas detection, specifically methane from a pipeline while in flight Continue reading

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Colorado County Obtains COA to Fly UAS

This COA is an authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allowing the operation of an unmanned aircraft in a designated area and not for commercial use. Continue reading

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UAS and The World Cup

For all of us World Cup fanatics I found a link between UAS and the FIFA World Cup. The coach of the French team, Didier Deschamps who looked pretty sharp in their first game believes that one of his practice … Continue reading

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FAA Approves First Commercial UAS Operation in Alaska

As Bill Gutelius pointed out to me in the tip it’s impressive to see a LiDAR unit being flown on a relatively small UAS. Continue reading

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Precision Ag to be Largest UAV Market

As I noted in a previous blog post the promise of precision ag has been around since GPS became widely available in the early 1990′s. Continue reading

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Students Using LiDAR with UAV

It uses a LiDAR module deployed on board a UAV to detect the presence of obstacles and a target within a 3 meter square area. Continue reading

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Aerial Services Updates UAS Survey

The products listed here are intended primarily for civil remote sensing use. Continue reading

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LiDAR Added to Full Size Autonomous Helicopter

The sensors allow Sara to fly at full speed, avoid obstacles, select landing zones and do other tasks that are perceptually intensive. Continue reading

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