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Subsea Laser Scanning

There is no reference to the sensors being used. Perhaps someone can provide this. Continue reading

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Laser Beam Combiner

It could offer immediate, hands-free access to information via gadgets such as smart glasses, which overlay computer-generated visual data on the user’s field of vision. Continue reading

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Day and Night

Yet despite this most of the Built Environment that we see today was created without the benefit of 3D. Continue reading

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What is Reality Computing?

I want them to answer the question, “What is reality computing and more importantly why should I care? Continue reading

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3D Laser Scanning Shoot-out

Greg Lawes at point3D is working with a group of interested parties to create a shoot-out to compare laser scanning systems. Continue reading

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Applied Research Topics in Geomatics Wanted

These are problems that you regularly encounter for which there really isn’t an elegant solution. Continue reading

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ILMF 2015 Call for Papers

The conference is being held in Denver, CO February 23 – 25, 2015. Abstracts are due by September 1, 2014. Continue reading

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Bosch to Sell Laser Radar by 2020

I am not sure what the value of announcing a product that will ship in six years is going to have. Continue reading

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Tracking Satellites with LiDAR

One that they have identified as needing this kind of accurate time measurement is LiDAR. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning Benefits Nuclear Power Industry

It’s a well written article that documents the case for the use of 3D laser scanning. Continue reading

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