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How to Select a Building Documentation Professional

There are two important announcements from the USIBD this week. The first is the availability of a free white paper with advice on how to select a building documentation professional. The second is you can register now for the USIBD … Continue reading

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SPIE Proposes Automotive Lidar BenchmarkingTests

Working with experts like you, SPIE is helping to establish standard tests to benchmark automotive LiDAR performance. Please comment on this draft in the text field below. Or download the PDF and send comments via email to so that … Continue reading

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Developing a 3DEP Partnership – Lessons Learned

To encourage geospatial data collection and foster information sharing, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) launched the 3D Elevation Program (3DEP) three years ago. 3DEP is a valuable tool, but many state and local agencies may be unaware of the … Continue reading

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The Future of Construction from a Leader in SLAM-Based Laser Scanning

Since the early days of the personal computer the construction industry has been slow to adopt digital technology. As a result, increases in construction productivity have lagged virtually every other major industry, such as automotive and aircraft manufacturing. It’s true … Continue reading

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DEM Users Manual 3rd Edition is Now Available

The 3rd edition of the DEM Users Manual includes 15 chapters, three appendices and a detailed Index. References in the eBook version are hyperlinked which is coming soon. Chapter and appendix titles include: 1. Introduction to DEMs 2. Vertical Datums … Continue reading

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Auto Safety Feature Naming Needs to be Standardized

Pop quiz! What’s the difference between these auto safety features –  Automatic Emergency Braking, Collision Imminent Braking, Autonomous Emergency Braking, Collision Intervention, Autonomous Braking, and a Dynamic Brake System? From an article in Wired by Aarian Marshall. Trick question: nothing. … Continue reading

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Levels of Driving Automation – There’s a Standard

With all of the news about autonomous vehicles coming from CES 2020 this week I thought it would be of value to re-publish this article on standards for driving automation. Unlike many technical markets, such as the lidar and 3D … Continue reading

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Checklists are Key to Safety of Drone Operations

Standard aviation practices are based on one key principle: people are flawed. A lot can go wrong due to human error. Faulty memory, unreliable senses, or a momentary lapse of attention can spell disaster in traditional aviation. That’s why checklists … Continue reading

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LAANC Goes Live at EWR, BWI, IAD, and HOU

The FAA’s LAANC (low altitude authorization and notification capability) is officially live at four new major U.S. airports. This facilitates UAS flights in restricted, airport airspace. It is being implemented through the FAA UAS Data Exchange, an innovative, collaborative approach … Continue reading

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3D Technology Firms – What if They Put it in Neutral?

So I am going back to a recurring question that I have whenever I spend time with end users of 3D technology, like myself. Should the industry take a year, or even two, off from working on the next great … Continue reading

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