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Practical Application of Mobile LiDAR Guidelines

In this document Ted stresses the practical application of the Guidelines to real world experiences and workflows. It’s a must read if you are in the mobile LiDAR business. Continue reading

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USIBD Requests Input on Standards

A tremendous amount of work has gone into this project – now it’s our turn to contribute. Continue reading

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The “S” Word – Standards

There were over 80 references, most of which are related to the ASTM E57 3D Imaging committee that I belong to. Continue reading

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FAQ on Esri LAS Optimizer

As a follow up to last week’s announcement by Esri of the release of the LAS Optimizer there is now an FAQ that provides additional information. Continue reading

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Esri Announces LAS Compression

If you have any experience in working with it I am sure some folks will be interested in hearing about it. Continue reading

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TransXML Revisited

I will be attending a meeting hosted by the Transportation Research Board to discuss whether there is interest in the use of TransXML. Continue reading

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National Information Exchange Model – NIEM

I believe there is an opportunity to work with NIEM to develop a standard data model for the transportation domain and perhaps the Built Environment, in general. Continue reading

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ASTM E57.04 Projects Are Launching

If you have an interest in working on either of these teams or any input that you would like to provide please contact me. Continue reading

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agcXML – Interoperability for the Construction Industry

the agcXML mission is to develop and maintain open source interoperability standards for the commercial construction industry Continue reading

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Best Practices Guide for Use of LiDAR in Forest Inventory Applications

The best practices presented herein are based on more than 25 years of scientific research on the application of ALS data in forest inventory. Continue reading

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