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Automated Urban Feature Extraction

The proposed method defines a set of rules for merging segments into meaningful units according to types of urban objects Continue reading

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Point Cloud Linked to Asset Database

This deserves a close look for those interested in lifecycle asset management. Continue reading

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5 Cool Lidar Software Tools

I think it is fair to say that the GIS user community is adopting the use of lidar at an increasing rate. Continue reading

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Esri LAS Optimizer Updated

Clayton Crawford reports that Esri has an update to Esri’s LAS Optimizer (EzLAS) Continue reading

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The Center of the Built Environment Universe

It is all about 3D, integrated lifecycle asset management for owner/operators and no one can hold a candle to what they are delivering. Continue reading

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Managing Lidar Data

Esri is hosting a live training seminar entitled Smart Strategies for Managing Lidar Data. Continue reading

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Solid, Photo-realistc Point Clouds

“Instead, we have invented a completely new method that uses 3D objects with volume called ‘Atoms.’ Continue reading

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FARO 3D Documentation Conference 2014

The tracks include accident reconstruction, AEC, energy, historic preservation and ship building as well as keynotes and new product news Continue reading

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Integrated Camera Boresight and Lidar Processing

This merging of complementary active and passive imaging technologies is a huge leap forward in processing productivity, with the opportunity to generate truly coincident datasets within a single workflow. Continue reading

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Gamer Using Point Clouds

Storing data as a point cloud allows information to be streamed off conventional hard drives. Continue reading

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