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EMAPS is a new backpack mobile LiDAR developed at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab. Continue reading

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A New 3D World

One of the comments that I saw wondered about where all this new technology would take us over the next 5 to 10 years. Continue reading

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Follow On to the Ford Fusion LiDAR Research Vehicle

Reminds me of when General Motors positioned OnStar as a call in center, rather than a GPS navigation offering. Continue reading

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How LiDAR is Tranforming the World

It’s always interesting to read an article by someone outside of our industry as they are not drinking the Kool Aid like the rest of us. Continue reading

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Wildcat Relies on LiDAR to Navigate

The robot is being designed to run fast on all types of terrain making use of LiDAR and vision systems to know what to expect. Continue reading

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Wearable LiDAR

End goal is to make this prototype into a handheld unit for emergency responders. Anyone doubt they can do it? Continue reading

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DARPA’s Robotic Mule

At about 1:10 – 1:20 you can see the scanners – looks something like a Velodyne, but I could be wrong. Continue reading

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Autonomous Airplanes

Turns out that flying an airplane without GPS is more difficult than a helicopter – something about hovering I guess!! Continue reading

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A Dense 3D Model of Mobile Environment

To me this is SLAM – simultaneous location and mapping using the Kinect. Can you say consumer 3D? Continue reading

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Day 2 SPAR 2012

David Boardman the moderator for the Open Source 3D session wasted no time in telling us that he thought this would be the most important session of the conference – hmm. Continue reading

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