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Laser Scanning – Based Bridge Assessment

The Institute for Transportation at Iowa State University has released a report that considers the performance of terrestrial laser scanners as a means to automatically detect cracks when carrying out bridge structural condition assessments. This research project proposed to measure … Continue reading

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NASA’s EAARL Upgraded

The original National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Experimental Advanced Airborne Research Lidar (EAARL) was extensively modified to increase the spatial sampling density and to improve performance in water ranging from 3 to 44 meters (m). The new (EAARL-B) sensor … Continue reading

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3D Roof Reconstruction from Lidar

This is an interesting research paper written by a group of Chinese researchers who are also trying to improve the automation of 3D roof reconstruction from airborne lidar data. They report, “A new approach for three-dimensional (3-D) reconstruction of building … Continue reading

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Estimating Crop Biomass from Lidar

This research team from Chain and Canada looked at the effects of a number of lidar data collection parameters on the estimation of crop biomass estimation. Their findings indicated that LiDAR point density had an important effect on the estimation … Continue reading

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Chimney Rock

A group of researchers at the University of Colorado, Boulder want to make it possible for everyone to virtually walk through the ancient dwellings at Chimney Rock National Monument as the ancient pueblo people did. Their work is part of … Continue reading

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Lasers or Cameras for Pavement Analysis?

This reminds me of my masters thesis on skid resistance of asphalt pavements. A University of Texas at Arlington engineer is working with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute to assess whether scanning lasers can accurately measure microtexture of pavement aggregates, … Continue reading

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Voxel Group Feature Extraction

The search for the Holy Grail continues. This paper from a group of researchers in China describes a voxel group approach to automate the extraction of buildings from mobile lidar surveys. “In this paper, a new technical framework for automatic … Continue reading

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As-Damaged BIMs

A group of Israeli researchers are working on developing algorithms to predict the damage states of concrete buildings with masonry infills. After an earthquake, Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) can capture point clouds of the damaged state of building facades rapidly, … Continue reading

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Lidar, CCD and Hyperspectral

This paper describes the design, implementation and performance of a novel airborne system, which integrates commercial waveform LiDAR, CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) camera and hyperspectral sensors into a common platform system. CAF’s (The Chinese Academy of Forestry) LiCHy (LiDAR, CCD and … Continue reading

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Comparing Mobile Scanning Systems

This research was conducted in Poland comparing a Z + F system with a Riegl which used the VMX 250 to measure the gauge of railroad track. The point of these tests was to answer the question of whether the … Continue reading

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