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OGC Point Cloud Working Group Survey

The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC)  Point Cloud Domain Working Group (Point Cloud DWG) formed late last year to assess the current state of standards and best practices in the management of point cloud data and to guide OGC activities in … Continue reading

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Seeing Around Corners

The Extreme Light group at  Heriot-Watt University is working on an interesting research project that enables a camera to detect moving objects that are not within the direct line of sight. The researchers have demonstrated a compact, non-line-of-sight laser ranging … Continue reading

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Segmentation of Planar Surfaces

This paper, by an international group of researchers proposes a robust and efficient segmentation methodology for abstraction of an enormous number of laser points into plane information. They are claiming very impressive results, “The experimental results demonstrate, through both qualitative … Continue reading

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3D Mapping with a Tablet – It’s Here

Researchers from ETH Zurich have been able to create an entire 3D model of the university’s main building in just 10 minutes using a tablet equipped with a fish-eye lens. The research forms part of the development process for Google’s … Continue reading

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Fully Autonomous Vehicle Deployed

Velodyne LiDAR today announced that, in the first deployment of fully autonomous production vehicles, driverless technology specialist NAVYA will implement Velodyne’s real-time 16-channel 3D VLP-16 LiDAR Pucks as part of a two-year, two-vehicle test with Swiss public transport company PostBus … Continue reading

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I hope you are ready for this. Introducing Beastcam. This device can take 40  to 60 photos in 20 seconds from which a high quality 3D model can be created. The UMass Amherst lab that contributed to the development of … Continue reading

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Better Urban Trajectories

This is a highly technical paper, but it proposes an alternative approach to obtaining high accuracy trajectories for mobile lidar data collection that could be advantageous in urban settings. It combines stereo cameras with lidar and an IMU, but in … Continue reading

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Benefits of the Consumerization of Lidar?

For those of us who observed the consumerization of GPS, largely as a result of car navigation apps, we have seen this movie before. The only difference is that we are substituting lidar for GPS or GNSS. Of possible interest … Continue reading

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Using Bathy Lidar to Determine River Velocity

The hotter the water temperature in a river the less oxygen that is carried. This can cause problems for certain fish species such as rainbow trout. The slower the river is flowing the more it heats up. Idaho Power hired … Continue reading

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Lidar Dating Landslides

The Oso landslide in Washington state is the subject of research to better understand the likelihood of this kind of event happening again. A team of scientists from the University of Washington has published a new study concluding that the … Continue reading

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