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Novel Lidar Will Detect Methane Leaks

This mobile LiDAR system will dramatically reduce the cost to identify, quantify, and locate methane leaks compared to currently available technologies. Continue reading

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Lidar Tested at Space Station

The advantage of the LIRIS approach is that it scans objects and gathers information about them without a dedicated communications link or hardware installed on the targets. Continue reading

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DARPA Robotics Challenge

The DARPA autonomous vehicle challenge was where Velodyne got its start in developing lidar sensors. Continue reading

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High Dynamic Range Research Questionnaire

The final step of this process is tone mapping, which is how the HDR image is interpreted when displayed on computer monitors. Continue reading

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LiDAR News Magazine Ships

With the incredible decrease in the price of oil, which has negative ramifications for some I think 2015 is set up for growth around the world. Continue reading

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SPAR Europe 2014

This year’s keynotes include Valentijn de Leeuw, Vice President, ARC Advisory Group whose presentation is entitled “State of the Market: 3D Measurement.” Continue reading

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Keep an Eye on Flash Lidar in 2015

things are about to change as they begin to achieve economies of scale in 2015 with their manufacturing. Continue reading

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Automated Urban Feature Extraction

The proposed method defines a set of rules for merging segments into meaningful units according to types of urban objects Continue reading

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In this case the goal is to create detailed 3D maps and measure the biomass of forests. Continue reading

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USIBD is Sponsoring Hardware Survey

The survey applies to all those who are associated with the industry of documenting buildings. Continue reading

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