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Tiling LiDAR Data

1. Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne noted that he thinks tiled LiDAR data should include an overlap.
2. This would allow 32-bit software to mosaic the tiles and eliminate edge effects.
3. Applied Imagery’s 64 bit version of QT Modeler is an alternative.

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Caltrans’ Mobile Data Collection Test Strip

The California Department of Transportation has designated a stretch of freeway in San Diego as a test bed for anyone that wants to demonstrate the capability of their mobile mapping system. One company that recently completed a very successful trip … Continue reading

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QA/QC Procedures

1. Harold Rempel at URS Corp. did agree with me that contours and LiDAR just don’t mix.
2. The question was raised on a forum on how best to check a 3D CAD model against the source point cloud.
3. It seems to me that if this is still not a standard procedure that we have a lot of best practice work to do.

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Mission Planning

1. I found one of the most valuable ASPRS 2009 presentations to be on mission planning.
2. QA is done before the project starts, QC during each phase.
3. The use of an independent 3rd party is often the best approach to managing the QA/QC program .

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