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Large – Volume Scanning Standard

As part of an effort by NIST’s Physical Measurement Laboratory to produce an international performance evaluation standard for these instruments, scientists at the Engineering Physics Division (EPD) designed and constructed a calibration facility to evaluate proposed tests in a draft … Continue reading

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Laser Scanner Provides Quality Control for 3D Printing

Suppose your 3D printer malfunctions in the middle of a project. Continue reading

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Ortho and LiDAR Accuracy Concepts

It includes an hour long video and slide presentation that you can access by filling out a form. Continue reading

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ToPa 3D – A Global Community of 3D Technology Enthusiasts and Professionals

This is one of those situations that you have to experience first hand, so I will get out of the way and let you explore. Continue reading

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LiDAR – Accuracy vs. Resolution

Here is an excellent, brief discussion of the issues surrounding accuracy and resolution as it applies to airborne LiDAR. Continue reading

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URISA Offers ‘Data Quality Control’ Webinar as Part of LiDAR Series

URISA, the Association for GIS Professionals, is offering a three part LiDAR webinar series for all members of the geospatial community. Continue reading

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LiDAR Magazine Article Wins Award of Distinction

Congratulations Kitty and thanks for providing our readers with such quality content. Continue reading

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Laser Scanning and BIM

Laura Handler and Tocci Construction are leaders in VDC and IPD.
They offer a glimpse into the future of the integrated 3D AEC space.
The BIMForum recognizes the value of laser scanning in the move to 3D project delivery. Continue reading

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Quality Control of Derived LiDAR Data

1. The September issue of PE & RS has an important paper on the work being done by Dr. Habib and others.
2. A mathematical methodology is being proposed to assess the quality of derived lidar data and the associated system parameters.
3. The goal of this important research is to produce a set of standards for judging the quality of the derived lidar data.
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Tiling LiDAR Data

1. Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne noted that he thinks tiled LiDAR data should include an overlap.
2. This would allow 32-bit software to mosaic the tiles and eliminate edge effects.
3. Applied Imagery’s 64 bit version of QT Modeler is an alternative.

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