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Integrated Camera Boresight and Lidar Processing

This merging of complementary active and passive imaging technologies is a huge leap forward in processing productivity, with the opportunity to generate truly coincident datasets within a single workflow. Continue reading

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Doubling Up on Mobile Mapping

That’s a major investment by a world leader in the field – encouraging news for the industry. Continue reading

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Using MMS to Analyze Pavement Condition

by using colored point clouds that had been assigned values of 8-bit RGB color to map the values of the surface normal and the curvature in a point cloud Continue reading

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Mobile Mapping Contest Closes August 31

If you’d like a chance to win $10K plus use of the new Pegasus:Two on a mobile mapping project Continue reading

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Mobile Lidar Improves Rail Safety in France

LiDAR technology has without a doubt improved the management of our railway infrastructure. Continue reading

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Fusing Point Cloud and Image Data

Darrick Wagg, Support Services Manager at GeoCue Group has written an excellent series of articles on the value of fusing mobile point cloud and image data. Continue reading

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ILMF 2015 Call for Papers

The conference is being held in Denver, CO February 23 – 25, 2015. Abstracts are due by September 1, 2014. Continue reading

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Bosch to Sell Laser Radar by 2020

I am not sure what the value of announcing a product that will ship in six years is going to have. Continue reading

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3D Data Accuracy Challenge

I think it would be most helpful to use mobile LiDAR examples, but you may chose something else if your prefer. Continue reading

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Google’s New Driverless Car Uses LiDAR

this latest Google driverless car does not have a steering wheel or brakes. Continue reading

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