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ASPRS IGTF 2016 Conference Workshops

The ASPRS has announced the list of IGTF 2016 conference workshops which includes a wide range of lidar mapping, GIS, remote sensing and more . These hands on sessions are a unique opportunity to learn by doing from some of … Continue reading

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3D Lidar Mapping in New Hampshire

New Hampshire has a couple more days to be the center of the universe, but after the primary on Tuesday it will be back to the real world which for a state that is 84% forested involves a large forestry … Continue reading

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Texas Plans Major Lidar Program

The Texas Natural Resources Information System – TNRIS –  has a long history of successfully managing Lidar data acquisition projects. They have also helped guide data specifications for many other regional and local Lidar projects. TNRIS is now coordinating the … Continue reading

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Utility As-Builts – Mandate Needed

I am writing a paper for an upcoming conference being sponsored by a new ASCE institute – Utility Engineering and Survey Institute, or UESI. The topic I am pursuing is the use of mobile lidar to collect as-built utility locations. … Continue reading

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Lufthansa and DJI Sign Deal To Develop Commercial Drones

This is the first time I have seen a major airline announce their involvement with drones. In this case its Lufthansa Aerial Services and DJI teaming up on a wide range of potential services. In addition to inspection of infrastructure, … Continue reading

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The Value of 3D in Forensics

This is an extensive look at the use of 3D laser scanning in some very high profile criminal investigations. It certainly seems that the use of the technology is becoming a requirement of most major investigations. FARO gets the press … Continue reading

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Better Urban Trajectories

This is a highly technical paper, but it proposes an alternative approach to obtaining high accuracy trajectories for mobile lidar data collection that could be advantageous in urban settings. It combines stereo cameras with lidar and an IMU, but in … Continue reading

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The Future of Lidar Data Acquisition

This is an excellent presentation on the future of lidar data acquisition and processing by Dr. Qassim Abdullah who works for Woolpert, Inc. He discusses all of the major topics including single photon counting and Geiger mode as well as … Continue reading

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Lidar Finds Ancient Roads in UK

Airborne lidar was used to create flood maps of Britain, but they are revealing more than just at-risk regions – they have also led to the discovery of several ancient Roman roads. Amateur archaeologists have been able to use the … Continue reading

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Measuring Ross Ice Shelf

These are the notes from lidar field work conducted by a research team on the Ross Ice Shelf in the Antarctic. It’s a well written discussion on some of the work being done to better understand climate, oceans and tectonics. … Continue reading

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