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UAS Proliferates in 2015

Called Maps Made Easy, the app immediately found an audience among land surveyors, but it’s aimed at hobbyists too. Continue reading

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Quanergy Systems Funded for Lidar

They were founded in 2012 and are headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. They are a silicon valley start-up with serious investors that include Mercedes- Benz and Hyundai. Continue reading

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Trimble Obtains FAA Exemption for UAS

Trimble was recently granted an exemption by the FAA that allows them to conduct commercial operation of its Trimble® UX5 Aerial Imaging Solution in the U.S. The exemption was granted pursuant to Section 333 of the FAA Modernization and Reform … Continue reading

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Mobile GPR

Catsurveys recently announced a mobile ground penetrating radar (GPR) system that they claim can locate underground utilities at highway speed. Continue reading

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USGS Lidar Base Spec Updated

Lidar is a fast evolving technology, and much has changed in the industry since the final draft of the “Lidar Base Specification Version 1.0” was written. Continue reading

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Mapping Tree Canopy

eCognition works with objects versus pixels. It is rule based and the more data layers you can provide the better it will work. Continue reading

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Lidar Used to Discover Ancient Goldmines

the ancient mining works of the area and the complex hydraulics system used by the Romans in the 1st century BC to extract gold (including channels, reservoirs and a double river diversion) have been discovered. Continue reading

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Fault Discovered with Lidar

Sherrod was convinced that an unidentified fault was visible at the edge of one of the LIDAR images Continue reading

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Landslides and Lidar

This paper outlines a novel algorithm to automatically and consistently detect landslide deposits on a landscape scale Continue reading

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Managing Lidar Data

Esri is hosting a live training seminar entitled Smart Strategies for Managing Lidar Data. Continue reading

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