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Landslide Travelled at 60 mph

it is amazing to see how comfortable the reporter is with the use of LiDAR imagery. It’s going mainstream. Continue reading

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Oregon County Uses LiDAR to Update Landslide Risk Maps

It’s an effort to better identify areas at risk of landslides and other natural threats. Continue reading

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Ecologists Need a Space LiDAR

Having such data sets would advance ecosystem models of biodiversity as well as carbon cycling and many other aspects of the integrated Earth system. Continue reading

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Local Planning and LiDAR

As the article points out county planning departments are not taking advantage of the maps that the State has prepared . Continue reading

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Google’s Project Tango

I am at a loss for words, so please help me describe the impact of this on our industry Continue reading

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Queensland Police to Use the Zeb1

Queensland, Australia Police are the first law enforcement agency in the world to use the Zeb 1 handheld scanning technology, according to Police Commissioner Stewart. Continue reading

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Vermont’s LiDAR Initiative

VCGI has created a clearing house for LiDAR data and related information for the state of Vermont Continue reading

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Apple Submits 28 Mapping Patent Applications Including a 3D Camera

Do you think that has something to do with an announcement this week by Nokia’s Here maps from the Apple App Store? Continue reading

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Google’s Quest to Map the Planet

Their goal for location based apps is for their maps to be the operating system and if you are the operating system then you own the platform. Continue reading

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Philippine Disaster Reduction Planners Using LiDAR

The Philippines is one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Its location in the Pacific places it on tectonic plates, making it vulnerable to earthquakes, as well as tropical cyclones and heavy rain. Over the years, various geo-hazard … Continue reading

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