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Lidar Used to Discover Ancient Goldmines

the ancient mining works of the area and the complex hydraulics system used by the Romans in the 1st century BC to extract gold (including channels, reservoirs and a double river diversion) have been discovered. Continue reading

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Fault Discovered with Lidar

Sherrod was convinced that an unidentified fault was visible at the edge of one of the LIDAR images Continue reading

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Landslides and Lidar

This paper outlines a novel algorithm to automatically and consistently detect landslide deposits on a landscape scale Continue reading

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Managing Lidar Data

Esri is hosting a live training seminar entitled Smart Strategies for Managing Lidar Data. Continue reading

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Gold and Lidar

This financial statement includes a reference to the use of Lidar in the search for gold in Nevada and Utah. The lidar surveys are being used in conjunction with the use of geophysical surveys and on the ground drilling programs. … Continue reading

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Handheld Scanner Supports Forest Applications

Using the ZEB1 they achieved significant advantages in speed of data capture, quality of the resulting point cloud and ease of use of the system. Continue reading

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Map World’s Rainforests for Under $250 Million

lays out a case for a global campaign to survey the world’s forests in support of REDD+, Continue reading

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Lidar and Rowing

I was rowing on the Exeter River the other day when I heard a helicopter approaching. It was flying low and slow. I realized it was collecting lidar on the powerline ROW that is close to our boathouse. My two … Continue reading

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The ROI for 3DEP

The goal of 3DEP is to systematically collect enhanced elevation data using lidar over an eight-year period Continue reading

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Mobile Lidar Improves Rail Safety in France

LiDAR technology has without a doubt improved the management of our railway infrastructure. Continue reading

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