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Lidar and Rowing

I was rowing on the Exeter River the other day when I heard a helicopter approaching. It was flying low and slow. I realized it was collecting lidar on the powerline ROW that is close to our boathouse. My two … Continue reading

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The ROI for 3DEP

The goal of 3DEP is to systematically collect enhanced elevation data using lidar over an eight-year period Continue reading

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Mobile Lidar Improves Rail Safety in France

LiDAR technology has without a doubt improved the management of our railway infrastructure. Continue reading

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Mapping Energy Efficiency with Mobile Lidar

While Essess drives on public roads, it uses thermal cameras combined with real-time LiDAR sensors to capture 3D thermal video of the surrounding environment. Continue reading

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rFpro Delivers Driving Simulation Solutions

A quick introduction to rFpro showing highlights of the latest (2014) build of the Nordschleife Continue reading

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Oregon Cities Partner on LiDAR Data Collection

DOGAMI uses Quantum Spatial, a geo-mapping company with a Portland office, to gather the data. Continue reading

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USGS to Host Briefing: Safer Communities, Stronger Economies – in 3D

The USGS is doing an excellent job of selling the benefits and value of LiDAR-derived 3D information. Continue reading

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Obama Recommends Use of 3-D Maps

As reported in USA Today the Obama administration unveiled initiatives this past week that include 3-dimensional mapping to better identify flood risks, landslide hazards and coastal erosion. “It gives us a 3-D picture. That’s what makes lidar a game-changing technology,” … Continue reading

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Colorado County Obtains COA to Fly UAS

This COA is an authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allowing the operation of an unmanned aircraft in a designated area and not for commercial use. Continue reading

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NASA Using MABEL to Understand Summer Snow and Ice Packs

The number and patterns of photons that come back depend on the type of ice they bounce off – whether it’s smooth or rough, watery or snow-covered. Continue reading

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