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NASA Develops First Double-Pulsed LiDAR

Precise measurements of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are key to figuring out how to counter the planet-warming greenhouse gas. The Daily Press reports that engineers at NASA Langley Research Center say they have cracked the world’s first double-pulsed laser … Continue reading

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Oregon County Uses LiDAR to Update Landslide Risk Maps

It’s an effort to better identify areas at risk of landslides and other natural threats. Continue reading

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UAV Operators Want Tighter Regs

ACUO is calling for the current Federal Government Aviation Safety Regulation Review to back a harder line to combat the growing problem of illegal unmanned aircraft operations. Continue reading

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Riegl Supports NASA Snowpack Survey

The figures will answer a list of questions about mountain snowpack, said Tom Painter, NASA’s lead investigator for the mission. Continue reading

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Space LiDAR

The science objective is to extend satellite observations of small particles in the atmosphere from volcanoes, air pollution, dust, and smoke. Continue reading

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UAV Test Site Prepares to Open

we are building on our own research data that can lead to conclusions on the best ways to safely integrate UAS into our national airspace Continue reading

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Court Rules FAA Does Not Have Jurisdiction Over Commercial UAVs

I do think the commercial use of UAVs needs to be regulated, but I don’t think it should take years to develop the regulations. Continue reading

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Is it IIlegal to Fly a UAS in the USA?

It again cites no relevant federal statutes, federal regulations or case law to support its claims. Because there aren’t any. Continue reading

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Queensland Police to Use the Zeb1

Queensland, Australia Police are the first law enforcement agency in the world to use the Zeb 1 handheld scanning technology, according to Police Commissioner Stewart. Continue reading

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Roswell New Mexico Goes 3D

Roswell, New Mexico’s claim to fame used to be UFO’s but the Roswell police are now the proud owner of a 3D scanner. Maybe they can capture an image of a UFO with the scanner.

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