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Laser Scanning and BIM

Laura Handler and Tocci Construction are leaders in VDC and IPD.
They offer a glimpse into the future of the integrated 3D AEC space.
The BIMForum recognizes the value of laser scanning in the move to 3D project delivery. Continue reading

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64 Bit Dilemma

1. There is a valuable discussion taking place on the Laser Scanning Forum concerning 64 bit and OS.
2. Faraz Ravi from Pointools notes that point cloud processing will benefit from the move to 64 bit, but there are issues.
3. It seems that Windows 7 is stable and a better bet than Vista.
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Laser Scanning Groups

1. Linked in seems to be the social network for professionals.
2. The number of laser scanning special interest groups is growing.
3. It is interesting to see commercial ventures setting up their own user groups.

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Still Another LiDAR Blog

I am not exactly sure what this means, but LiDAR blogs are getting hot. The latest to surface is called Geologic Frothings, and although not technically devoted just to LiDAR the current post makes a great case for still using … Continue reading

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QA/QC Procedures

1. Harold Rempel at URS Corp. did agree with me that contours and LiDAR just don’t mix.
2. The question was raised on a forum on how best to check a 3D CAD model against the source point cloud.
3. It seems to me that if this is still not a standard procedure that we have a lot of best practice work to do.

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On-Line Laser Scanning Forums

A quick reference to existing on-line forums. Continue reading

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