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Industrial Geomatics

This article in Hydrocarbon Engineering proposes the use of “industrial geomatics” as an emerging part of the 3D intelligent management of plant facilities. It is an interesting combination of terms and I think it helps to describe what has been … Continue reading

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Lidar Degrading Field Skills

This article in the Irish Times caught my eye because it involves lidar and ecology, or more specifically ecologists which is a career that my son is pursuing. The concern is that the use of technology such as lidar and … Continue reading

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3D Mapping with a Tablet – It’s Here

Researchers from ETH Zurich have been able to create an entire 3D model of the university‚Äôs main building in just 10 minutes using a tablet equipped with a fish-eye lens. The research forms part of the development process for Google’s … Continue reading

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The New “Light” Camera Changes Photography

Light, a company out of Silicon Valley, has spent two years designing their new camera, the L16. This camera was designed to provide the functionality of expensive and bulky DSLR cameras with the convenience of a smartphone. You will notice … Continue reading

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As Dr. Michael Olsen at OSU notes this is not directly about lidar, but it is about the use of light to replace radio waves to transmit the Internet at blinding speed. By blinding I mean 100 times faster than … Continue reading

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Think Before You Scan…

people have been accused of copyright infringement for scanning objects without permission Continue reading

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It’s All About Data

This will require a lot of data collection and mobile lidar will be the method of choice. Continue reading

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3D Convergence

Have you ever stopped to think where we would be if we didn’t have both of these technology road maps converging? Continue reading

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Built Environment 2050

The days of building your business model on proprietary data are numbered. Continue reading

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Digital Transformation

He is specializing in what he calls “digital transformation” which includes 3D laser scanning and a lot more. Kevin has nailed it – this is the umbrella term that I have been searching for. Continue reading

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