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OGC Point Cloud DWG Meeting

There is a meeting of the OGC Point Cloud DWG scheduled for the upcoming TC meetings in Dublin Ireland for Tuesday, June 21st @ 8:00 – 9:45. The following is the final agenda: Final Agenda: • Update on the Point … Continue reading

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3D Printed Map of London

San Francisco-based programmer Andrew Godwin has found a way to use the British government’s LIDAR data to create a scale model of a small slice of Central London, the city where he grew up. Godwin got the idea for his … Continue reading

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Finding Lidar Data

The USGS hosts what it calls the National Map Download Client which is a searchable database of lidar data collections for the U.S. The site features a number of advanced search options that can be used to more quickly locate … Continue reading

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Creating 3D CAD Models From Point Clouds

In this article from Intertek they explain in detail how to create 3D CAD models from laser scan point cloud data in a complex plant environment. As they explain: “There are two types of CAD models produced from laser scan … Continue reading

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The Consumers of Geospatial Information

Yesterday’s Frontier Day outreach program marked an important turning point for the ASPRS. By reaching out to the consumers of the geospatial technology and information that the members of ASPRS develop and produce a much broader audience is now being … Continue reading

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The Value of Lidar Data

This article in Government Technology presents a compelling case for the value that lidar data is creating for Washington, D.C.’s Urban Forestry Administration (UFA). UFA was looking to expand its management reach from its portfolio of street tree maintenance and … Continue reading

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Philippines’ Lidar Data Portal

The Department of Science and Technology (DOST) in the Philippines recently launched a web portal dedicated to accessing flood hazard maps. The United Nations said the Philippines is one of the countries with the most number of disasters over the … Continue reading

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Improved Registration of Long Strip Point Clouds

This group of Chinese, U.S. and Canadian researchers are proposing an innovative mathematical method to improve the registration accuracy of long strip point clouds such as would be found in a tunnel or rail survey. From the paper: When applied … Continue reading

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Caltrans Goes Mobile

Caltrans and many other transportation agencies for that matter are investing in mobile lidar data collection. The challenge is not the collecting, its the data management and integration into the daily workflows of these organizations, but we have to start … Continue reading

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The Right Amount of Data

I wanted to call your attention to a recent Lidar News Showcase article by Stephen Epstein, the Marketing Manager for Phase One Industrial. He provides insight on best practices and lesson learned in the use of airborne lidar and still … Continue reading

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