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Automobiles Becoming 3D Data Collectors

If Toyota has its way they will be turning your car into a mobile mapping system. This is not the first time I have seen this model proposed. The basic idea is to use the sensors on the car to … Continue reading

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Data Fusion

This Exelis blog provides an excellent overview on the topic of fusing lidar with hyperspectral data. This is not a trivial problem and in fact some are doubtful of the results in general, but for the right application this approach … Continue reading

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Lidar in the Cloud

There is a new player in the “lidar in the cloud” data processing marketplace. From this press release they comment: GeoSignum Pointer web platform allows users to access, manage, visualise, analyse and extract features from massive point cloud datasets in … Continue reading

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As Dr. Michael Olsen at OSU notes this is not directly about lidar, but it is about the use of light to replace radio waves to transmit the Internet at blinding speed. By blinding I mean 100 times faster than … Continue reading

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Lidar Data – Top Challenges

LizardTech conducted an industry survey at the Esri User Conference in July and online in August. If you’re wondering how your industry peers are using, compressing, accessing and storing all types of raster data, refer to their blog over the … Continue reading

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IGTF 2016 Calls for Presentations and Workshops

The ASPRS (American Society for Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry) has announced that they are seeking abstracts for oral presentations, posters and workshops for their IGTF 2016 conference in Fort Worth, Texas that is being held on April 11 – 15. … Continue reading

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Radiometric Processing of Lidar Data

Unfortunately we don’t have an accepted standard for lidar intensity. It can be loosely defined as the strength of the backscattered echo for each measured point, with the operative word being loosely. A group of researchers at Oregon State University … Continue reading

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Raster Plus Lidar Survey

The results are posted. I was 7th out of 9 which was somewhat disappointing, but I was only 8 seconds out of 6th so I just have to keep practicing. O.K., back to work. It’s been a rather slow period … Continue reading

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Hyperspectral on a UAS

This is going to be short as I have to leave for the airport, but one of the more impressive presentations today at the overall outstanding UAS Reno 2015 conference was from Tom Breen at Headwall Photonics. If you have … Continue reading

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OGC Point Cloud Working Group Meeting

The first meeting of the previously announced OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) Point Cloud domain working group (DWG) will be held during the Fall OGC technical meeting in Nottingham, UK September 14 -18. The newly formed Point Cloud DWG will have … Continue reading

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