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Esri’s zLAS I/O Library Now Available

Third party developers can use this to add support for zLAS to their applications. Continue reading

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Friendly Point Clouds

One of their claims to fame is their ability to draw the data in an adaptive point size, which helps in visually distinguishing the surfaces. Continue reading

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Full Waveform Data From NEON

These sensors include a Hyperspectral Imaging Spectrometer, a LiDAR system and a High Resolution Red Blue Green (RGB) camera Continue reading

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Report Card on U.S. NSDI

In this case COGO took a look at the national spatial data infrastructure in the U.S. and the results were not good. Continue reading

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Esri Announces Beta Program for Optimized LAS

It’s free and does not require an ArcGIS license. Continue reading

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Integrated BIM, 3D and Geospatial – Finally

Geoff and I are on the same wavelength about the importance and potential of these new standards that are now out for comment. Continue reading

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Point Cloud Linked to Asset Database

This deserves a close look for those interested in lifecycle asset management. Continue reading

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Lessons Learned Webinar

Safe Software is hosting a webinar entitled, “The XYZ’s of Lidar – Lessons From Six Point Cloud Wins.” It will be held on Thursday November 13 at 11 AM EST. You can register here. Through actual examples, you’ll see how … Continue reading

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Fusing Point Cloud and Image Data

Darrick Wagg, Support Services Manager at GeoCue Group has written an excellent series of articles on the value of fusing mobile point cloud and image data. Continue reading

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Hexagon Completes Acquisition of North West Geomatics Ltd.

“North West brings valuable expertise in selling data content as a service (CaaS) through its Valtus database, which enables crowdsourcing of data content. Continue reading

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