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Handheld Scanner Supports Forest Applications

Using the ZEB1 they achieved significant advantages in speed of data capture, quality of the resulting point cloud and ease of use of the system. Continue reading

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Beneath the Surface of Stonehenge

A recent report by the BBC indicates that recent subsurface surveys of the area surrounding Stonehenge have revealed an amazing amount of new 3D data. Using ground penetrating radar, magnetometers and laser scanners the researchers have developed a whole new … Continue reading

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Applied Research Topics in Geomatics Wanted

These are problems that you regularly encounter for which there really isn’t an elegant solution. Continue reading

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FARO 3D Documentation Conference 2014

This focused (no pun intended) event provides the opportunity to interact with all of the key members of the FARO team. Continue reading

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LiDAR, Lidar, LIDAR, or…

Now this is just one of the thought provoking topics in the just published LiDAR News Magazine and eNewsletter. Continue reading

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CyArk 500 Annual Summit 2014

CyArk will be hosting an Annual Summit on their efforts to scan and digitally preserve the 500 most important cultural heritage sites around the world. The event will be held in Washington, D.C. on October 7 and 8 at the … Continue reading

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Map World’s Rainforests for Under $250 Million

lays out a case for a global campaign to survey the world’s forests in support of REDD+, Continue reading

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Using MMS to Analyze Pavement Condition

by using colored point clouds that had been assigned values of 8-bit RGB color to map the values of the surface normal and the curvature in a point cloud Continue reading

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Built Environment 2050

The days of building your business model on proprietary data are numbered. Continue reading

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Preserving NASA History

Here is a follow up video to the earlier Cape Canaveral post. The U.S. Air Force is in the process of documenting many of the historic sites with laser scanning as part of a partnership with the University of South … Continue reading

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