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Lidar Used to Discover Ancient Goldmines

he ancient mining works of the area and the complex hydraulics system used by the Romans in the 1st century BC to extract gold (including channels, reservoirs and a double river diversion) have been discovered. Continue reading

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In this case the goal is to create detailed 3D maps and measure the biomass of forests. Continue reading

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USIBD is Sponsoring Hardware Survey

The survey applies to all those who are associated with the industry of documenting buildings. Continue reading

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Lidar News eNewsletter

The Brits are poised to export their mega-project expertise around the world. Continue reading

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Fault Discovered with Lidar

Sherrod was convinced that an unidentified fault was visible at the edge of one of the LIDAR images Continue reading

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Compression Strategies for Lidar Waveform

In our experiments, the waveform cube is compressed using classical methods for 2D imagery, such as JPEG-1 that are further tested to assess the feasibility of the proposed solution. Continue reading

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Teen Develops 3D Laser Scanner

He designed and built a 3D laser scanner using everyday items, for the statewide student competition. Continue reading

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5 Cool Lidar Software Tools

I think it is fair to say that the GIS user community is adopting the use of lidar at an increasing rate. Continue reading

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Underwater Scanning

It has one of America’s best-preserved and nationally significant collection of shipwrecks. Continue reading

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State of the Industry

If you would like to share your thoughts I am sure the readers would appreciate it. Continue reading

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