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DARPA Demos New Single-Chip Lidar

In the latest test, the system was able to scan back and forth across that entire arc more than 100,000 times per second. Continue reading

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Uber’s Self Driving Car

That looks like a Velodyne sitting on the top of that mass of system pod. Continue reading

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Riegl’s VUX-SYS Platform

The VUX-SYS with the new VUX-1LR Long Range LiDAR sensor integrated fits the small and lightweight RIEGLVP-1 pod, to be mounted on standard hard points and typical camera mounts of manned helicopters.

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Motion Contrast 3D Scanning

In order for a 3-D camera to be useful, it has to be something you can use in everyday, normal environments, Continue reading

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3DEP Workshops in Progress

the USGS is offering numerous state and regional coordination workshops. Continue reading

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3D Camera Market Research

Brent Gelhar is working on a new 3D camera product concept and he is doing some market research Continue reading

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Comparing Single Tree Detection Methods

The study provides new insight regarding the potential and limits of tree detectio Continue reading

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Crowdsourced Restoration

To complete the project from scanning to drawings in hand, we need $42,000. Continue reading

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Lily Camera

There are few words to describe this – Lily the first throw-and-shoot camera. Continue reading

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Lidar, Radar and Sonar

Radar, sonar and lidar can determine an object’s distance, or range. For that measurement, time plays an important role. Continue reading

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