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CyArk 500 Annual Summit 2014 is Next Week

This important cultural heritage event takes place October 7 and 8 at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. Continue reading

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Students Learn About 3D Scanning and Printing

This is a very encouraging use of 3D scanning and printing to get young students excited about paleontology. Continue reading

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Doubling Up on Mobile Mapping

That’s a major investment by a world leader in the field – encouraging news for the industry. Continue reading

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Gamer Using Point Clouds

Storing data as a point cloud allows information to be streamed off conventional hard drives. Continue reading

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Using Laser Scanning in Forest Fire Forensics

Although the reporters are a little confused about the technology it once again points to the increasing use of 3D laser scanning in forensics. Continue reading

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The Great Wall of China in 3D

To this end, 3 years will be dedicated to create the whole 6,000km length of the Great Wall of China and its surroundings in 3D, in high resolution. Continue reading

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Automated 3D Feature Extraction

The research undertaken has explored the energy function to solve various tasks, such as LiDAR data filtering, Continue reading

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Spectacular Trip

I just spent the two most spectacular and exciting outdoor adventure days of my life. Continue reading

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Goin Fishin

I have a chance to go fly fishing with my son in Montana so I will be taking a few days off. Hold the fort… Continue reading

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Geomatics Field Test Facility

One of the ideas is an independent field test facility that could be the focal point for this entire effort. Continue reading

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