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USIBD Publishes Professional Referral Listing

The U.S. Institute of Building Documentation (USIBD) is pleased to announce the online publication of a new resource: a Referral Listing of Individuals who have become certified in the use of USIBD’s LOA Specification V.2.0. These individuals have gone through … Continue reading

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Near Earth Autonomy

While the world of autonomy is focused on cars and trucks, Near Earth Autonomy (great company name) is working on a plan to automate personal aircraft. Now if you would dismiss this out of hand you might want to know … Continue reading

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The Veg Map

The Sonoma County Vegetation Mapping and LiDAR Program, or more succinctly, the Veg Map, “is a 5-year program to map Sonoma County’s topography, physical and biotic features and diverse plant communities and habitats,” according to its website. According to a … Continue reading

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Load Volume Scanning

New Zealand – based Loadscan Ltd. has been automating the volume measurement business for the past 20 years. The latest device uses laser scanners to accurately measure the volume of materials being moved on construction sites or mines. The Loadscan … Continue reading

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Israeli Firm Lands $50 million for Flash Lidar

Israeli-based Oryx Vision has landed a second round of financing of $50 million for its solid state flash lidar technology targeting the autonomous vehicle market. The sensor technology claims to have a 1 million times better signal to noise ratio … Continue reading

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Free Lidar Video Series

Blue Marble Geographics recently recorded an eight-part video series that explores the extensive LiDAR processing functionality of Global Mapper and the accompanying LiDAR Module. Beginning with an introduction to the structure and characteristics of LiDAR data, each 30-40 minute video … Continue reading

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Ring Fortress Identified with Lidar

Archaeologists have discovered a perfectly circular Danish ring fortress in Borgring, Denmark, that dates back to AD 975-980. The fortress is believed to have been built during the reign of Harald Bluetooth – the King of Denmark who is often … Continue reading

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Is Your Drone Near-sighted?

Mike Tully, CEO of ASI provides an interesting look at a number of technical issues concerning the use of what he terms a “flying camera” in this article from a recent newsletter. Here’s an excerpt: “Drones operate in an inherently … Continue reading

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Lidar Not Ready for Mass Market

What is required of a lidar sensor to safely support autonomous vehicle operation at highway speed? At 70 miles per hour, spotting an object at, say, 60 meters out provides two seconds to react. But when traveling at that speed, … Continue reading

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SPAR 3D 2018 Call for Speakers

SPAR 3D 2018 is looking for 3D technology innovators eager to share their expertise with an audience hungry for the latest information, applications and future possibilities related to 3D technologies. Recent 3D product innovations and industry growth are changing the … Continue reading

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