ASPRS Mobile Mapping Committee Meeting March 20

As part of the upcoming ASPRS 2012 in Sacramento, California  the Mobile Mapping Committee is planning to meet on Tuesday, March 20 from 1 to 2 pm. Craig Glennie  the current Chair is planning to step down and Srini Dharmapuri from Michael Baker, the Vice Chair will take over.

There were at least 50 people in attendance at last year’s meeting, but having talked to Craig I know that he has not been able to obtain the necessary support to produce the guidelines he had planned to develop. Facing the same kind of challenges with the ASTM E57 committee I share his pain.

In order to develop standards in an all volunteer organization it requires people stepping up and making a commitment. In this recent economic climate it has not been easy for people to get the support they need from their employer, but there is no substitute. The major players in the industry need to decide if supporting the ASPRS and ASTM is a priority.

We are at an important crossroads. If the key vendors in the industry want standards they need to encourage their employees to join these groups and approve the time needed to work on the projects. It’s that simple.

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