ASI’s Geospatial Contracting Guide

I received a notice from the folks at Aerial Services, Inc. announcing the availability of a free Geospatial Contracting Guide. This sounds like a valuable document for better understanding how to procure geospatial products and services from the perspective of a firm with a lot of experience in this area.

It’s a 66-page interactive eBook (iBook or PDF format) that will help readers ensure they are getting the best value from professional services. Kudos to ASI for making this available.

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  1. Mike Zoltek says:

    ASPRS has recently completed its Guidelines for Procurement of Geospatial Mapping Products & Services. The intent of these guidelines is provide federal, state and local government agencies, researchers, private entities and other organization with a resource that they can use as a guide to help determine the best approach and methodology for procuring Professional Geospatial Mapping Services (PGMS) and Commercial Geospatial Mapping Products (CGMP).

    The current draft document (anticipated to be approved November 2014) can be found here:

    Please feel free to review and comment!

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