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Gene V. Roe Ph.D., P.E., PLS

I have over 40 years of experience in the surveying and mapping field. I am a registered Professional Engineer, Professional Land Surveyor and hold a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering. I have taught surveying and civil engineering at the University of New Hampshire, built a 50 person survey engineering firm, and in 1985 founded the first GIS consulting group in New England. In the early 90’s I shifted into the software development business where I have focused on CAD/GIS integration, while helping to build successful start ups like Softdesk and Blue Marble Geographics.

I hold two US patents for a GPS-based, personal navigation device. I have also worked in the remote sensing arena where I was part of the highly successful development of the ultra-compact, Buckeye LiDAR/digital camera system, currently being used by the military to search for IED’s. Most recently I have focused on 3D laser scanning, where I led the effort at Autodesk to integrate this technology into their graphics’ engines.

As the Chair of the ASTM E57.04 data interoperability subcommittee I am leading a team that is developing a standard data exchange for terrestrial laser scanners. I am also the ACSM delegate to FIG Commission 8 – Spatial Planning and Development.

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  1. Bob Thomason says:

    Hi Gene,

    Been awhile, took a position here in Tampa! Wanted to bring some software to your and attention and for you to review, if you have not seen it already. FINALLY someone “gets it”, this software, among other things, checks LAS files for compliance, and other critical QC items. Should be used by both providers and end-users in my opinion. Take a look and let me know what you think. Pay special attention to Topo Analyst.



  2. Matt Walz says:

    Hello Gene,

    I apologize if this post is out of place.

    I am working on a project to scan truck beds and rail cars, while they are moving (relatively slow speeds).

    The purpose of the scanning is to provide the following.
    Calculate the loaded volume (when interfaced to a scale)
    Provide images of the load so that we can see how the material is being loaded in the trucks or rail cars

    The scanner would be mounted outside on a pole, positioned so that the truck or rail car would drive under the scanner.

    I am having trouble finding a solution/partner that can help me with this project at a reasonable cost.

    I would appreciate it, if you could point me in the right direction.

    Kind Regards,

    Matt Walz

  3. afework says:

    Dear Gene V. Roe Ph.D., P.E., PLS,I’m Afework Mekeberiaw currently working on inpho’s product such as Match AT, and DTMaster so as to edit DTM, what I want to know is the General workflow of DTM editing regardless of the platform.
    I,m looking for your responser

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