3D Petrie Museum

This is a simple, but elegant example of the use of 3D by the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. It has one of the largest ancient Egyptian and Sudanese collections in the world, named after pioneering Egyptologist, William Matthew Flinders Petrie.

This certainly provides access and it seems to me an incentive to visit the museum to see the art in real life. Thanks to Bill Gutelius at Active Imaging Systems for the heads up.

Here’s another example of a virtual museum from Meg Waters.

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  1. When I was doing my graduate work at UCL (on laser scanning adobe structures in Central Asia), UCL had just acquired the white-light Arius3D scanner and began documenting the Petrie collection of artifacts. It was amazing to see those early stages of work and it’s been wonderful to see it come to greater fruition of online dissemination. The museum’s collection is vast…much, much bigger than they can display in their relatively small space withing the UCL campus. This is such a great way to more widely share their entire collection. Fantastic stuff.

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