3D Data Accuracy Challenge

During a presentation this week on the TRB Learn Mobile LiDAR website a comment was made that the Guidelines do not provide enough detail on how to establish and validate 3D data accuracy. The request was made for an explanation of the procedures in the context of real world examples.

I got the idea to turn this request into a challenge. If you have an interest in demonstrating your expertise on this subject I would like to encourage you to submit a paper that would be suitable for publication in a future LiDAR News magazine edition.

I think it would be most helpful to use mobile LiDAR examples, but you may chose something else if your prefer. Please keep in mind that the reader is likely to not have a lot of experience in this topic.

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One Response to 3D Data Accuracy Challenge

  1. Ted Knaak says:

    The comment is absolutely correct. That’s why Certainty 3D developed out white paper, “TechNote #1021: Establishing Requirements, Extracting Metrics and Evaluating Quality of LiDAR Data.” TechNote #1021 provides an insightful look into the origins of data uncertainty. Then it offers a step by step practical process for achieving that validation. Moreover the tools, methods and workflows provided in TechNote #1021 have been successfully applied to hundreds of LiDAR projects. TechNote #1021 is immediately available at http://www.certainty3d.com/university/info/?tab=0 .

    You will also find many other white papers describing other aspects of LiDAR technology workflows and processes. Please contact Certainty 3D with any questions.

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