Happy Thanksgiving

thanksgiving-closed-imageTo all of you who celebrate this great holiday, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family from the Lidar News team.

We will not publish tomorrow, but we’ll be back on Black Friday.Thanks to all of you for your support and encouragement.

Enjoy and safe travels.

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Lidar Art Supports Charity

email-signature01Our latest Lidar News Today has just been sent out. If you would like to receive your own copy please click here. This week’s edition features an article by Jeff Fagerman at Lidar USA on the value that GPS brings to a mobile mapping solution. People would like to reduce the cost of a mobile system by eliminating it, but as Jeff points out that is not a wise decision.

We also announced our Lidar Art contest. This is a fun event that celebrates the holidays and the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere.  All you need to do is email me your eye catching, lidar-derived image and you will be entered into the contest. The winner, who will receive $100 donated to the charity of their choice will be selected by the readers on the Lidar News website.

The entries are already coming in.

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Lidar Data – Top Challenges

blog_painpoints_3_1LizardTech conducted an industry survey at the Esri User Conference in July and online in August. If you’re wondering how your industry peers are using, compressing, accessing and storing all types of raster data, refer to their blog over the next few months for an overview of the survey results.

Although manipulating and analyzing LiDAR data is getting easier as the tools improve, there are still a number of obstacles for users to deal with. The number one challenge is the cost of acquisition, selected by 22% of respondents. It is possible that high costs will become less of an issue as smaller, lighter scanners are operated on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), while the development of more powerful scanners makes collecting large areas in less time feasible, also bringing costs down. This would be single photon, or Geiger-mode.

Large file sizes takes second place, selected by 18% of respondents. Software and hardware improvements have helped but not completely eliminated this issue.
LiDAR data is complex and point clouds are less visually intuitive than aerial or satellite imagery, so a lack of expertise in the profession is cited as a challenge for 16% of our respondents. Another 27% don’t work with LiDAR at all.

See the blog post for more details and thanks to Jenny Parker and the folks at LizardTech for making this available.


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Capturing the U.S. Highway Network

geodGeoDigital, the Canadian-based lidar mapping firm is hard at work collecting over 200,000 miles of highway here in the U.S. and Canada to support the autonomous vehicle industry. This represents all of the controlled access, divided highways and most of the primaries. They have collected and processed about half of the project and anticipate finishing the collection in early 2016.

One of the questions is going to be how will the state DOTs be able to benefit from this effort? They will have to make a lot of changes in their IT departments to even think about handling this amount of data.

This video provides a vision of the future as seen through the consumer’s eyes. Get ready for the revolution!

Digital roads: speeding towards automated cars from GeoDigital on Vimeo.

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First Solid State Lidar

quanQuanergy Systems, Inc. will introduce in early 2016 the world’s first solid state LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensor for self-driving cars for less than $1,000 per car, it was announced today at the Los Angeles Auto Show’s Connected Car Expo.

Quanergy’s solid state LiDAR sensor, used for autonomous vehicles, contains an integrated circuit that scans in every direction without any moving parts on both the macro and the micro scale, creating a live 3D view around a car, and detecting, classifying, and tracking objects in the scene. The new solid state LiDAR will be on display at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 6-9 in Booth 36065.

“Our solid state LiDAR is significantly more compact and more affordable than any other unit on the market today, and will revolutionize the way automotive manufacturers design cars,” said Dr. Louay Eldada, Quanergy CEO. “This technology will make LiDAR usage ubiquitous not only for autonomous vehicles and advanced driver assist systems, but also for numerous other industry verticals, enabling cost savings and improved accuracy.”

The company has partnerships with Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai-Kia and Renault-Nissan along with other companies in the automotive industry. Quanergy’s artificial-intelligence-powered LiDAR-based sensing system is essential in more than 30 market verticals including transportation, mapping, industrial automation and security, for improved safety, efficiency and performance.

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IGTF 2016 Calls for Presentations and Workshops


The ASPRS (American Society for Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry) has announced that they are seeking abstracts for oral presentations, posters and workshops for their IGTF 2016 conference in Fort Worth, Texas that is being held on April 11 – 15. The abstracts are due January 8, 2016.

Please note that the ASPRS is in the process of transforming itself into a vibrant and exciting geospatial organization that is in the unique position of bringing together the leading academics, scientists and practitioners in the geospatial and remote sensing communities. IGTF 2016 will be the coming out party for the new ASPRS – you don’t want to miss it.

About IGTF 2016 – Ft. Worth, TX

The Imaging and Geospatial Technology Forum was created to encompass the broadest terms for our industry, “Imaging” and “Geospatial”, while incorporating the idea of “Technology” as this concept is the center and reason we all come together. We selected the word “Forum” instead of conference because ‘Forum’ means a gathering at a meeting place for the discussion of questions, promoting open discussion and sharing. This sharing of ideas and open discussion is the core value for each event. All these elements together formed the new look and feel for the ASPRS Annual Conference – The Imaging and Geospatial Technology Forum (IGTF).


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Lidar News Today – 11/17/15

email-signature01This week’s Lidar News Today features a broad range of topics from Ken Smerz on the business of laser scanning, to the approval of an 8,000 square mile UAV test site in Colorado and a case study on the use of a handheld scanner that dramatically increased productivity in the building documentation space.

You can access the eNewsletter here and please be sure to subscribe so you can stay informed of all the latest events impacting our industry.

Thanks for your continued support and please let me know if you have any news items.

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SPAR Calls for Papers

spar_pt_grp_4cSpar Point Group has announced their Call for Papers for the renamed SPAR 3D Expo & Conference. They are now accepting abstracts for its 2016 conference program, which will be held in The Woodlands, TX, USA, April 11-14, 2016. The due date is December 6, 2015.

SPAR International was renamed SPAR 3D Expo & Conference to enhance appeal for asset owners seeking information on 3D technologies and leveraging their potential for cost reduction, safety enhancement, and monitoring assets in real time. At the same time, early adopters will experience latest 3D tools in specially-designed tracks for 3D Pros.

As a result the abstracts are being requested for a mix of introductory and advanced topics as well as a number of industry vertical markets.

For those interested in exhibiting at the 2016 event, contact lrosa@divcom.com. For more information and to submit a proposal, visit www.sparpointgroup.com/international.

Texas is going to be the center of the 3D mapping universe and much more with SPAR and ASPRS IGTF 2016 both occurring in the same week. IGTF is in Fort Worth which is only an hour’s drive from Houston. You can easily do both.

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Digital Coast

Shallow_bathy_CoverNOAA’s Office for Coastal Management maintains an impressive website that hosts a wide variety of digital data sets. The Digital Coast is a data registry that has over 100 different types of data collections and over 1500 data sets. All are cataloged, described and free.

They also offer a blog. The Digital Coast GeoZone offers tech talk about the data collection.

It’s a tremendous resource that could be of real value if you are working in the coastal zone. These are our tax dollars being put to good use.

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3D Modeling a Country

3D_Citymodel_02_hexr92Well it is more like a city than a country, but the island of Singapore is a city state and the government is working on an initiative to create and maintain a 3D model of the entire island nation. The project, started in 2014, is expected to take a total of three years and cost 8 million in Singapore dollars.

This 3D model project was one of the stars at Bentley’s Year in Infrastructure 2015 conference, taking home the prize in the Innovation in Government category of the Be Inspired Awards.

2D and 3D data is captured using various methods of scanning, including oblique imagery, airborne laser scanning, mobile laser scanning and terrestrial scanning. Information is to be updated after the model’s completion using satellite imagery and building information modeling (BIM).

We’ve heard of the “smart city” concept, but Singapore, a small nation that refuses to believe it is small, aspires to be the world’s first “smart nation.”

Kudos to all involved and we need to use this as a model for what can be done.


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